Synthetic Genomics to Change
Corporate Name to Viridos Today

The company name change signals a new transition in algal biotech
for climate mitigation solutions

SAN DIEGO, CA (September 27, 2021) – Synthetic Genomics, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company, announced that it will begin operating under its new corporate name, Viridos, Inc., effective today. The name change from Synthetic Genomics to Viridos is part of the company’s broader effort to deploy its cutting-edge genomic expertise and algal engineering platforms that create transformative solutions to climate change.

“The name Viridos, drawn from the Latin word viridis, translating to green and fresh, represents our company’s mission to design revolutionary technologies, products and systems that enable businesses and governments to implement sustainable solutions needed to mitigate climate change,” said Viridos’ CEO, Dr. Oliver Fetzer. “It is my hope that our new name, Viridos, not only signals our best-in-class algal biotechnology, but also becomes a byword for a new bioeconomy of solutions that enable the world to decarbonize and build more sustainable systems.”

Founded in 2005 by leading figures in synthetic biology, including J Craig Venter and Hamilton Smith, Synthetic Genomics/Viridos quickly established itself as a powerhouse for innovative research, transplanting the first genome, synthesizing the first bacterial genome and creating the first synthetic cell. In addition to their work in sustainable algal biofuel, Viridos is deploying its expertise in algal genomics, photosynthesis and advanced agronomics to decarbonize other industries that need to operate more sustainably. Viridos’ algal biofuel research is part of a 12-year partnership with ExxonMobil to bring advanced biofuels to the transportation market.

“Our work with Viridos has helped advance the science of algae as a next generation biofuel and a lower-emission alternative for heavy transportation,” said Vijay Swarup, vice president for research and development at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company. “ExxonMobil is committed to researching, developing and deploying lower-carbon energy technologies that help society achieve its net zero ambitions.”

About Viridos
Viridos (formerly Synthetic Genomics, Inc) is a privately held biotechnology company harnessing the power of photosynthesis to create transformative solutions to mitigate climate change. Our unparalleled understanding of algal genetics and ability to translate innovation from lab to field underpins our initial deployment: a scalable platform to produce low-carbon intensity biofuels for aviation, commercial trucking, and maritime shipping. Building on a legacy of genomic firsts, our team of scientists and engineers are shaping new pathways toward a sustainable bioeconomy.
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